Claire has determined to become an excellent jewelry designer since she was a child, dreaming of designing and making the most beautiful, elegant and fashionable jewelry all over the world. After graduating from university, she opened her own studio. Every piece of jewelry is designed and handmade by herself. Many customers fall in love with Claire's work.
During this time, Claire communicated with many peers around the world, and she found that many talented jewelry designers are not good at promoting their own works, resulting in tens of thousands of exquisite jewelry being shelved, eventually going unappreciated. Claire was so sorry about this that she decided to help them, to make sure that these beautiful jewels would find their true owners and reflect their proper value. After Claire communicated this great idea to a few friends, they established Elbert Gallery in 2022 to select and integrate the works of more than 100 outstanding designers from all over the world, ensuring that every piece of jewelry is purely handmade masterpiece. Elbert Gallery held weekly auctions through Liveauctioneers, and sold thousands of luxury jewelry in just one year, which was deeply loved by the customers.
 As the customer base continues to grow, Elbert Gallery opens an official store to further expand sales channels and provide safe, hassle-free, and inexpensive purchase channels for customers who truly appreciate and recognize these fine jewelry, so that every customer can buy the jewelry they want at Elbert Gallery. At the same time, let the designers and producers of these jewelry insist on their own ideas.